Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Learning from Moebius

I've often found that one of the best ways to really study an artist is to have a shot at colouring their work.  Moebius is someone that's always good to have a look at and I've been a fan of his work for a long, long time.  Of course colouring him is going to be a challenge since he does really leave alot of interpretation up to the colourist.  I've chosen, as usual, to (mostly) stick to flat colours and not to do any colour holds with the line work.  The single exception to the all flat approach in these pages is that second page where I succumbed to a couple of gradients.  

It's been fun spotting the continuity glitches with clothing that crop up with this strip.  For instance, what happened to DiFool's hat in page 8 panel 1?  Not to mention the stars on the sleeves of his jacket which appear, disappear and re-appear with great regularity...

The art here, of course, does not belong to me...  It's drawn by Moebius and written by Joborrowsky.

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