Friday, April 1, 2016

High Pilot: No. 1 all over Heaven!

Also unpublished and unfinished, here is a High Pilot story from a while back...  It kinda ran out of steam as I ran out of motivation...

I coloured Quitely...


AlienPoliceMan: Big Fight At Little City!  2 different version of the beginning of the (unfinished) story...  APM of course owes a considerable debt to OMAC!

Doctor Arachnid - "Little Star"

Many years ago I had an idea involving an alternative Marvel Universe where magic was the fundamental force rather than science...  Somehow the Mysterio from the regular Marvel Universe was to get trapped there and need Spider-Man to somehow rescue him.
Originally I thought that the alternative version of Spider-Man would be Doctor Spider, a Mystic Master of the Web, a combination of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange but I was quickly told that there was no way Marvel would even think of looking at such an idea.  
I put it to the back of my mind for a while where it slowly mutated into this version: Doctor Arachnid!  I wonder though if I should have maybe kept the cape though...