Friday, September 26, 2014


 This was the double-page spread from Nightworld #1, still in the shops if you're lucky...  By the time I'd got to what you see above I'd already spent many hours pasting together 4 seperate pieces of artwork from Paolo Leandri into one piece split into a few layers and alot of channels in one Photoshop Image. 
 I got rid of the spirits for a while using Photoshops "Exorcism" tool so I could just concentrate on the physical elements of the image.
 Unticking the "Exorcism" box revealed the spirits again in more detail...
 Tweak and reduce opacity a bit...  nearly there now.
I restored the line-work in the background, which had been a hold, back to black and we're good to go.  This took a while...

Check out

And also, here where you can scroll down a bit and find an interview with Adam McG, the writer of this haunted tome.

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